As the whole of the fashion industry begins to enter into heavy sales, we see a sudden shift in sale mentality and prices begin to plummet. Each store/website are still in the same battle with each other and fighting for the money in our pockets. This enables the consumer to take advantage and get their hands on some fantastic bargains. Basically we have to strike while the iron is hot!


Co-ords are Taking the Fashion World by Storm

As the sun begins to shine new trends and styles will start to make their way into your Summer collection. The weather hasn’t been too kind to us throughout May and June with temperatures reaching all time lows, particularly in June. Now that the sun is shining again you can really start to plan what sorts of trends and outfits you’re going to be wearing in the hotter months of the year. One of my favourite trends that has really began to gain some traction lately is matching co-ords. I have been wearing them for loads of different occasions. Read on to see where…


Looking Hot No Matter What The Weather

Getting dressed for a date can be tough enough as it is. The decision of choosing which outfit to finally decide upon is staggeringly difficult. This can be for a number of reasons. This decision can be made even more difficult when the temperature suddenly decides to drop! Let’s face it: It’s hard enough to decide which outfit is the best for any occasion at any time, never mid when you could potentially be meeting the man of your dreams!


How to Wear Black this A/W Season

Wearing black has always been the go to for most ladies but let’s be honest, if you don’t style it right then it can look a bit boring. Black will always been timeless colour and not many other tones look as chic or as sophisticated. With emergence of many other colours such as bright neon shades and primary hues black seems to have been shunned to the back of the queue a bit. Black will always be a classic but it can run the risk of becoming that colour you wear when you can’t really be bothered putting an outfit together in the morning. Read on for some fantastic ways to bring black back to the forefront of your wardrobe.


5 Must Have Trousers for the Autumn

As you can see when you look outside, the weather is starting to take a turn for the worse. The temperatures are beginning to fall, and the rain is on it’s way. But it’s not all doom and gloom, the start of a new season means you get to rebuild parts of your wardrobe. We all know that with cold weather that you will have to start ditching the short skirts and denim cutoff shorts and start going for trousers instead. Trousers are perfect for the Winter months. They keep those pins nice and warm and some of the trousers on the high street at the moment are amazing. Read on for some of the best trouser trends we are loving at the moment…

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The Perfect Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

It’s been months of wearing sandals and floral, tea dresses, the end of summer is finally approaching. However, it can be challenging when it comes to choosing your outfits on a daily basis. We don’t want you to go out and buying all the new-season trends, so to make things a little easier we have gathered together what we think are the main styles you need to help you create a classic autumn wardrobe. These styles will make sure you are a ready for any party, event or social gathering you’ve got coming up. Plus, you won’t have to spend all your money, meaning you can invest in more trends and winter clothes when the temperature really drops. Read on to see our definitive guide to creating a Autumn capsule wardrobe.