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With Summer fast approaching, it is a good idea to start looking for styles that you can wear when the temperatures begin to rise. In the Summer I tend to keep my eye on styles that are better for just throwing on. The last thing you want to wear ios a clingy dress or top. You want to be able to let that skin breath so a lightweight cotton or linen dress would be a great choice. If the weather begins to get hotter and even a linen dress isn’t keeping you cool, it’s time for another strategy. This is where your trusty bardot dresses come into action.  

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Biggest Trends of the Season: The Forecast

What are going to be the biggest trends of 2019? I hear this every time a new year swings by. I mean, I don’t blame people for asking. Everyone wants a head start on the biggest upcoming trends, don’t they? So, I have taken to the internet to do some research and pulled what I believe to be the best trends that were at fashion weeks of Paris, New York, Milan and London. Read on for some inspiration for the new season…

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Fashion that Will Boost your Confidence

Clothing can often elevate your confidence to dizzy new heights. There is no better feeling than when you look in the mirror and you think “yes, I’ve nailed it”. When I am feeling down, I often look to my wardrobe to lift my spirits. I throw on some bright colours, some statement jewellery and some high heels and leave the house feeling a million dollars. Fashion can change your whole mood. You can literally wake up in the “Do I really need this job? I might just stay in bed” outlook. That can all change with the right outfit choice. 

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