How to Wear Black this A/W Season

Black is timeless, black is chic and black is flattering. If we’re being honest, black can also be a little boring. “Classic” black can really just be a nice way of saying “boring” black. Additionally, an all-black look doesn’t have the same impact as wearing head-to-toe Gen Z yellow or hot pink. But we get the appeal of the inky shade. It can hide a multitude of stains, is flattering, safe and appeals to the teenage mall goth in us. We’re not here to encourage you to break away from wearing black completely — we just want you to kick all-black looks up a notch.

An all-black color palette is the perfect opportunity to experiment with accessories, fabrics, finishes and silhouettes, And if you want to add a spot of color into the ensemble, we highly encourage you to do so. Think black and think bold and draw inspiration from these 5 unique ways to wear black clothes.

Sheer Thoughts

No one would ever say that an unlined lace dress with a crop top and bike shorts underneath is boring. Add in a cylindrical metallic bag, neon green sunglasses and fashion’s favorite sneakers and you have an extra look.

Leather and Feathers

There’s no comparison between a black leather (or leather-look) trench and a beige twill one. For extra styling credit, finish the luxurious coat with oversized sunglasses, no-fail hoop earrings and texturized shoes. Fuzzy, furry and feather footwear options will all play off the heavy fabric of the coat.

Get Red-y

Adding color to a mostly black outfit isn’t cheating. The contrasting hue adds dimension and interest, which are keys to an on-point outfit. The sweatshirt with sheer skirt is a striking juxtaposition. The way the contrasting red has been played up with the sunglasses and phone case(!) shows no detail has been overlooked. The cream boots are a refreshing take on popular white boots.

New Uniform

A black blazer dress with matching over-the-knee boots has become a go-to uniform thanks to the way it goes from sunrise to sunset. Here, the red lug soles and coordinating crossbody bag add some fire.

Biker Babe

Bike shorts are the unexpected trend of Summer 2018 and they show no signs of going away. Working them into an athleisure look is the easiest route, but we encourage creativity. This biker babe look combines a baker boy hat, leather jacket and the sporty shorts for a strong glamleisure finish.


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