As the whole of the fashion industry begins to enter into heavy sales, we see a sudden shift in sale mentality and prices begin to plummet. Each store/website are still in the same battle with each other and fighting for the money in our pockets. This enables the consumer to take advantage and get their hands on some fantastic bargains. Basically we have to strike while the iron is hot!


My first port of call was the obvious one…ASOS. With the ease of being able to sit at home and browse on my phone, I thought I would check out the 50% reductions they were offering. The stock was quite limited and some old styles had been re-introduced. But there were a few pieces I saw that could easily be transitioned into your autumn wardrobe. For example a classic black skinny jean or torn denim. These can be purchased now at the sale price and put away until the Autumn? This is my favourite fashion trick at sale time!


If you are a label junkie like me, then the Selfridges sale is the place to be at this time of the year! Big designer labels suddenly slash their prices, almost in half, and as we know designer items never tend to slide out of fashion. Big brands follow the trend of the sales when they don’t really need to. Branded clothing is typically made using much higher quality fabrics and therefore you tend to get more for wear for your money.  Shopping the high quality branded designs whilst the sale season is hot is a must for any fashionista. My personal favourite thing to buy in the sale is a new designer handbag. This mulberry design I picked up this season is my new favourite

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