Savvy Purchases Online Can Be Key

I am hoping you guys are making the most of the glorious weather outside. I certainly have been doing! This my seem like an odd topic but when we are talking about colours and shades and then the fact we have been wearing a lot of olive coloured styles lately. It’s a great colour for the transitional period and pairs really well with black and equally lighter colours such as stone or mocha. I know i know… you’re thinking “why on earth is she talking about transitional fashion already?”. The reason is that although the sun is still very much shining the season is quickly coming to an end. The transitional period is normally mid August to the end of September. As we are always looking out for you we have listed some of our transitional footwear favourites below. These hot pics have been carefully selected so take your time and have a good read through

At the moment I am really addicted to shopping online on the ASOS app again. Once again I share the fact that the shoes I have been wearing in previous years are now back! The plain ASOS own brand suede pumps are back and as flattering and as comfortable as ever. They can be worn with plain leg or printed trousers, the versatility is fantastic and are a must have for every woman’s wardrobe

If I was to put an outfit together I would go for some ripped skinny jeans, olive coloured ankle boots, a black band tee and finish it off with a chinku knit stone coloured cardigan. The perfect outfit for the tricky transitional period. If skinny jeans aren’t your thing then why not try some on trend, high waisted, mom fit jeans.

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