Looking Hot No Matter What The Weather

Outfit Planning For Those Cold Winter Nights

Getting dressed for a date can be tough enough as it is. The decision of choosing which outfit to finally decide upon is staggeringly difficult. This can be for a number of reasons. This decision can be made even more difficult when the temperature suddenly decides to drop! Let’s face it: It’s hard enough to decide which outfit is the best for any occasion at any time, never mind when you could potentially be meeting the man of your dreams!

The idea of getting dolled up after going through all that stress and emotion soon becomes a tiring idea. So what’s one to do when the go-to LBD you have always relied on is longer your go-to favourite? Allow this new found wave of street and casual wear to step in with some great new ways to be fun and express yourself with fashion, no matter how many tops you decide to wear under your newly purchased padded jacket. Ahead, check out these picks of outfit ideas that combine the idea of flare and sophistication

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