Ultra Violet!

Colours for spring 2019

The colour on everyones lips this spring is  Violet! The news shouldn’t come as a complete surprise if you’ve been following this seasons runway trends from the very first London Fashion Week. As always i saw a variety of purple shades from designers, most notably touches of lavender for Spring/Summer 2019, and it won’t be long before every fashion follower finds a way to add a dash of the colour into her clothing. According to Pantone, Ultra Violet is linked with a successful future, and this definitely seems to be the case.  This sounds pretty accurate to us as we head into the new year. For those who simply can’t wait to try out the trend, we found 11 easy outfits to re-create right now.

1. Test-Drive the Trend With an Ultra Violet Trouser-suit. Be bold and step out in a purple power suit. Full trouser suits are set to be huge this season so adding the colour that’s tipped to be the biggest is a always a good choice

2. Try and pastel pink fur coat! — It’s Completely Unexpected. Take a classic look and put and on a new trend twist.

3. Why not try a pair of lavender shoes. Thigh boots are for the braver fashionista but some purple ankle boots would look great with a pair of skinny’s

4. Start Incorporating Purple Accessories Into Your Daily Outfits, this is an easy way to add any splash of colour

5. Invest in a Purple Dress You Can Wear On Many Occasions 

6. Try a Pair of Ultra Violet drainpipe pants, Then Rock the Look With Pink Bangels

7. Drape Yourself in an boyfriend Purple Cardigan. Chunky knits are still set to be big this spring until the temp starts to rise

8. I ave also spotted purple puffer jackets!

9. Revamp any old jackets with purple patches and stitching

10. If you are feeling outrageous, try violet from head to toe!

11. Look For Ultra Violet Slogans in Your Jumpers and T-shirts

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