Slip Dresses are the Future

Do’s And Don’ts For Comfort

I often get people messaging me asking me what the latest trend the hit the high street is. At the moment there is only one thing that is topping the high street fashion stakes…the slip dress.

The slip dress was a huge part of lots of designers collections. Often associated with what you would wear to bed, the slip dress has brought some of that sexy, sass to the high street. The silky fabric is comfortable but beautiful. It seems designers opted to go for a subtle approach when it came out what colours they used. Pastel colours seemed to be the shades of choice. Tom Ford sent his models down the runways wearing lilac and bronze coloured slip dress which blurred the lines between seasons.

You might be reading that thinking, “yeah, the supermodels are bound to look great in a slip dress, but what about me”. I have to admit it does take a certain way of styling to bring the slip dress to life. If i could suggest anything it would be to wear your slip dress underneath your chunky knit roll neck sweater for those colder days. Finish the outfit off with some chunky, dad sneakers in another pastel shade such as blush pink. This is an amazing casual look that wouldn’t look out of place, even on one of the biggest fashion influencers instagram pages. If you think a slip dress would be better for a night on the town with the girls then go for it. We would recommend you get a lace trimmed version to take the slip dress to the next level. Team it up with some stiletto heels and small chain print bag. If you the weather isn’t too great outside, wear you slip dress with a blazer to beat the chill.



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