5 Must Have Trousers for the Autumn

Hot Picks Of trousers For This Season

As you can see when you look outside, the weather is starting to take a turn for the worse. The temperatures are beginning to fall, and the rain is on it’s way. But it’s not all doom and gloom, the start of a new season means you get to rebuild parts of your wardrobe. We all know that with cold weather that you will have to start ditching the short skirts and denim cutoff shorts and start going for trousers instead. Trousers are perfect for the Winter months. They keep those pins nice and warm and some of the trousers on the high street at the moment are amazing. Read on for some of the best trouser trends we are loving at the moment…

1. Corduroy is Back 

Slim fitted cord trousers can look best paired with a blazer in the sme corduroy fabric, maybe not even in the same colour? A chunky, striped knitted jumper and ’80s-style accessories can be the perfect way to finish off this look

2. Mr Motivator would be Proud 

Yes, we know we said trousers and to ditch the shorts but these bad boys are a longer version of their Summer counterpart so it covers most the legs. Sort of like a pedal pusher but far more cooler than the ones from the 90s. Wear you cycling shorts with a long line blazer and band tee for those nights on the town with the girls.

3. Check Yo Self, Before You Wreck Yo Self

Check trousers and having a moment. The classic checked colours like grey and brown shades are still very much in the mix but it seems that brighter coloured checks are the forward. I love red checks (a true classic) but yellow checks are my personal fave at the moment.



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