Biggest Trends of the Season: The Forecast

What are going to be the biggest trends of 2019? I hear this every time a new year swings by. I mean, I don’t blame people for asking. Everyone wants a head start on the biggest upcoming trends, don’t they? So, I have taken to the internet to do some research and pulled what I believe to be the best trends that were at fashion weeks of Paris, New York, Milan and London. Read on for some inspiration for the new season…

Elasticated ruching 

Who needs wooden feel corsets when ruching is a much more suitable option? Fabric gets played with details at Kardashian-worthy figure hugging designs by a few of the big hitting designers. I noticed that Italian styles also got the ruching treatment. A saw a beautiful, long dress with ruched detail at the side. It was a fantastic style for someone who is heading on their holidays in the summer. We have some of our own ruching styles available from our zuppe website to stock in your stores.


The ever popular Victoria Beckham’s Collection made it clear that pastel Pink will be substituted by varying shades of violet and lavender come spring time. This elegant lilac shade is the next big colour, making its mark in all forms of clothing and accessories 

Asymmetrical neckline 

Seen on the runways designed by the likes of  Dolce and Gabana, and Christian Dior, this asymmetric shape drapes along your shoulder, wraps around your neck, and then finally twists over the chest. This look is big this season so get ready for the asymmetrical neckline.

The Dark Side

Double up on your denim this season. Yep, that’s right double denim is back and had a cool revamp. It is no longer considered uncool and some of the denim pairings I’ve seen are amazing. Go for a darker shade of denim this season for extra styling points.

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