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Bardot Tops Are The Present And The Future

Each year as things start to head up, I am always on the hunt for wearable summer dresses. I have been looking for a dress that you can just throw on, no matter what the occasion, and run out of the door within ten minutes after getting out of the shower

Sometimes you find that outfit that just seems perfect for every occasion. As seasons change, there’s always those few pieces that you constantly find yourself reaching for when delving deep into the wardrobe. So far this summer, my white wrap bardot dress from Boohoo has been that piece for me – it has easily become my most worn dress. I can choose to dress it up or dress it down – and it can be for any form of occasion, from strolling down the beach to dinner at my favourite restaurant – the options are endless!

I stumbled across it by complete chance and have been enjoying it as an addition to my wardrobe ever since. I was attending a friends birthday party and the event called for a costume. After wandering around the shops trying on multiple outfits that screamed ‘Mexican Fiesta’ but just didn’t seem right for me, I became frustrated. I picked this one up, tried it on and fell in love. I styled the dress with a red flower crown, red earrings and gold accessories. While not the most obvious ‘Mexican’ costume, I managed to somewhat adhere to the them while still feeling like myself – win/win!

White is not a colour that I commonly reach for but as I usually fake tan, not so much now thanks to many days at the beach, but my love for it is still growing. Although, my clumsy nature and white might end up being a love hate relationship, i will never discard it totally

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