Co-ords are Taking the Fashion World by Storm

As the sun begins to shine new trends and styles will start to make their way into your Summer collection. The weather hasn’t been too kind to us throughout May and June with temperatures reaching all time lows, particularly in June. Now that the sun is shining again you can really start to plan what sorts of trends and outfits you’re going to be wearing in the hotter months of the year. One of my favourite trends that has really began to gain some traction lately is matching co-ords. I have been wearing them for loads of different occasions. Read on to see where…

Festival Fashion

The best thing about a festival is that you can pretty much wear anything you want. Cake yourself in body paint and glitter and go for bright colours. I would recommend neon colours. My go to is highlighter pink. This will make you stand out from a crowd and will make sure you’re mates can still find you when the sun goes down.


There are so many patterns out there to choose from but the one print that will never let me down is stripes. They have been around for decades and always look amazing. With meteoric rise of pastel shades you should try to go for a lilac or baby blue coloured stripe. I would go for a matching shorts and denim style jacket combo for this one.

Airport Ready

We all know that the airport outfit is just as important as the rest of your holiday clothes so a matching co-ord is a very good way to start. I would go for a pair of tie dye jogging bottoms with a matching tie dye cropped hooded jumper. This is perfect for travelling as it is a comfortable outfit but never sacrifices style. Finish with some chunky dad sneakers for extra fashion points.

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