Exploring The Looks Of 2018

Not to shock you, but we are nearly half way through 2018…… This is seriously really alarming!  So, it seems about time we take a step back and a note of things, starting with our favourite street-style looks of the year so far. Compiled below is a list of my hot picks for this season, now it is slowly drawing to an end.

Straw poll

Was this was the year the beach bag stopped being just for the beach? 2018. All things wicker, rattan and woven from straw are top of the accessories agenda this year. Combine it with the 00s revival of classic ripped mom jeans and a fancy top. Boom, outfit ready!

Mellow Yellow

Mustard-style tartan trousers, a slogan embellished tee and new white trainers – you’re ready to rock’n’roll.

Double trouble

As always there is a stand out co-ord set for every season. This season has been all about the double-denim combo… and never has the Canadian tuxedo looked more enticing. Look for oversized denim jackets and straight-leg jeans, then cap it off with a crisp white new cotton tee and you are good to go!

Float on

Those long summer nights being more frequent, the nice and easy floaty floral dress has been a street-style must-have this year. With long sleeves and semi-cropped trousers, it’s time to really enjoy those loose cut and light fabrics. Balance out the ditsy frill with chunky rugger style boots and super-skinny 90s sunglasses

Orange is the new black

If you haven’t gotten on board already, orange has been huge in 2018. It’s not a colour to do by halves though I must admit. To really Nail this look use an ultra-zingy boiler suit anchored by black accessories. Neon orange shades are optional but i strongly recommended.

Opposites attract

Let’s not forget this fact…. Because sometimes the oddest couples can strangely make the perfect match. Puffer jacket + pleated skirts = cold-weather perfection. And who knew?

Utility thrills

Call it the Lara Croft effect, but we can’t get enough of this utility look. Combat fighter style vibe. Maybe it’s the numerous pockets, the maxi-tread Timberlands or the designer bum bag, but we’re suddenly in the mood for some adventuring and nobody can stop me

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