Summer Dresses You Need to Wear

Summer is quickly approaching, even though it may not feel like it. But it definitely is, so why not get to grips with what Summer Dresses you need to wear this season. So, get those colours, prints and legs out and celebrate the summer while it’s here!

Off-the-shoulder Dresses
This is one for you if you feel like going to St-Tropez or any tropical country that you’ve been dreaming of going to, roaming the city and then finishing it off with a little sunbathing.

Yep, this dress is for if you’re going somewhere tropical this summer, and perfect to feel the sunshine on your skin and get that tan you can’t get in London.

Perfect for the office, as no one can tell you that it’s not a little smart because technically it’s still a shirt… right? Regardless, it’s an effortless and stylish option distinct from your normal dreary workwear. Yes, it’s that good that you’re gonna want to wear it every day, even if Linda from HR is looking at you like you don’t own any other clothes….

Lace Dresses
Go on, live your inner princess dreams and get yourself a beautiful Lace Dress. Now it might sound a little scary, but won’t you at least let this picture persuade you a little to get one…?

Prints Everywhere
“Florals for spring, Groundbreaking” We admit this may be going through your head a little, and we can’t deny the truth of this Devil Wears Prada quote. But take it from the Stockholm fashion street style stars. It’s one thing you’re allowed to wear during summer and you won’t look like you’re a bit mental.

A Simple Black Dress
Ok, maybe you’re not gonna wear this when it’s 30 degrees out and you’re on the tube but someone won’t open the only tiny little window. This is probably more of an evening dress because black is always our go-to colour.