What to Wear to Literally ANY Summer Wedding

Heading to a wedding!

As the years have passed weddings have become more and more relaxed with some of the ideas put forward by the bride and groom have become more obscure. Ceremonies can be held virtually anywhere, bridesmaids are often given the freedom to select their own gowns and some couples are choosing to get rid of the standard ceremony in place of something a little more out there. With so many things wedding related changing it can be hard to know what is appropriate to wear. The fashion experts over a Zuppe wholesale clothing have give us a bit of a rundown below.

The truth is, you can pretty much wear anything to a wedding, so long as you obey the basics: don’t wear too much white (no stealing the bride’s thunder on her big day!) and make a little effort, OK? No jeans, no trainers, don’t flaunt too much skin, make sure your clothes are pressed and ultimately…keep it classy.

A wedding is the perfect chance to really go all out and get dressed up. The opportunity doesn’t really come around that often so take full advantage. Lucky for us, retailers are keen to help us out during this difficult time. Online and in stores the retailers have created wedding wear sections and some of the styles on offer are beautiful. Here are some great ideas to help you out…

A wedding is one of the best times to wear something a little extra. Embellished high heels, floor length ball gowns, pearl & sequins. Make yourself look like a superstar…you might only get the chance a couple of times a year.

A beautifully draped maxi dress will give you a great sense of elegance, floating from the dance floor to the buffet. Comfortable and chic. One of our favourite combinations.

When it comes to wedding outfits, there’s no need to limit your options to dresses. Jumpsuits are the perfect alternative, allowing a girl to get down on the dance floor and have a great time while looking super glam.

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