What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Tough Wedding Outfit Ideas

These days, it seems you can wear pretty much anything to weddings and all the more classic traditions have been thrown out the window. Why get married in a church? Weddings can be held on beaches or pretty much wherever you want. Rooftop bars or wine lodges. Bridesmaids are given the options to pick their own dresses and some partners are not even bothering with the bridal party whatsoever. Bearing all of this in mind just adds to the already mind-boggling decision of what to wear for these now, not so formal, events!

To be honest, these days you can practically wear whatever you want to the ceremony, just try to stick to the basics and try not to wear too much (or any at all) white, you can’t go stealing the brides thunder…. But try and at least make some effort. No trainers, jeans and try to iron your stuff. Whatever outfit you decide and try not to get an early, unwanted, buffet stains!

A wedding is definitely the perfect time to get dolled up and the perfect reason to buy a brand new adorable outfit. If you’re going to a festival inspired wedding with the wedding reception in tipi tents with bales of hay to sit on…. then we suggest a boho chic floral print dress. This floaty look will keep you cool but also make you look stylish with minimum effort. If it’s a more city style wedding then we would opt for a co-ord or tailored suit. This is a bit of curveball but tailored suits are so on trend at the moment that you may even steal the show (just try not to upstage the bride and don’t buy a white suit under any circumstances). We suggest opting for a pastel colour such as lilac or powder blue. You could even go all out and go for the colour of the moment… any deep shade of green are also being hugely coveted.  This would look fantastic in the Summer. All the other wedding guests would be green with envy….I’ll let myself out

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